Sacred World Music, Story, Song & Sound Medicine Concert

with Kailash Kokopelli & Carrie Tree.

This experience is a unique group sound healing / sound medicine concert to activate individual self-healing processes initiated through healing sound vibration by Kailash Kokopelli & Friends (experienced experts & masters of Sound Medicine)

The first part is a concert-like yoga of song and sing along experience to stimulate the opening, purification and energy flow in the Nadis (72.000 subtle energy channels in the body) and main energy centers (chakras)

In between devotional heart-songs & mantras charged with positive affirmations and essential reminders of universal principles, Carrie Tree will share her beautiful songs for your enjoyment.

Carrie Tree
has a unique gift and style beyond an average singer songwriter.
The enchantress is mesmerizing with her amazing mastery of a vibrato in sync with her skilful guitar rhythms and rhyme of her capturing storyline.

A song spell whispering mermaid fused with forest elf - a Robina Wood calling to awaken awareness for the sacred waters of Life. Her music is a poetic journey diving deep into the heart of acoustic folk soul.


Kailash Kokopelli is a world music producer, multi-instrumentalist and international performance artist, mastering the Native American Prayer Flute, Didgeridoo and a unique string instrument known as Tritar or Worldstick which carries his soothing voice through devotional heartsongs, healing mantras and sung prayers into the world as an invitation to practice the Yoga of Song and sing along to co-create a unified energy field of grace where miracles can take place. The sound medicine man has been working with healing effect of sound and is recognized as a cross-cultural bridge-maker and humanitarian artist working with indigenous people around the planet.

Inspired by his uncountable ceremonies and studies with Medicine People since age 17, Kailash facilitates prayer works and holds purifictaion ceremoinies, teaches Sacred Songdances for Peace as well as Healing Chi Movements known as KACHIMO at his Sanctuary Mystery School in Sweden and all around the globe.

He was the featured artists of the sacred world music charity concert at the international council of the indigenous grandmothers - guiding several thousand people into ecstatic, joyful dance and celebration.

"I want to express my deep appreciation for your contribution to the grandmothers gatherings in Europe. I was in awe at your gifts and the way your music touches the very soul of folks. I also appreciate so much the way your music is bridging the many cultures. Being a bridge between cultures and spiritual paths is one that requires full awareness and great balance. Your heart shines when you step into that place of allowing the Unseen World to play through you!! You brought your medicine of great inspiration and weaved it in the most beautiful way. THANK YOU!!!" Jyoti, (CSS - Centre for Conscious Studies)

Together Carrie Tree & Kokopelli are offering a unique and exquisite collaboration weaving mesmerizing song and poetic storylines, medicine chants, devotional heart songs and healing songs to sing along as well as rich sound medicine infused Sacred World Music.

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