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a reflection of our journey to be Love in this beautiful, broken world.

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25 January 2017
There are moments of Grace when our hearts open immeasurably wide. And in those moments we Perceive with unfiltered clarity. We hear the devastation of a hungry mother piling dirt upon the emaciated body of her infant child. We brush against the dark chambers of violation where women live inside words that are unspeakable. We absorb the cry of this creation as it prays for its day of salvation—suffocating from the toxins we spew into its air, the garbage we vomit into its oceans and rivers, the poisons with which we blanket its verdant valleys and majestic mountains. We smell the countless blood-caked corpses bearing the cost of our wars driven by our religious conviction, our economic plundering, arrogant nationalism, and our infantile egos.

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