Seeds of Light Fest
25th February, 10am - 11pm

Seeds of Light Fest is a one of a kind 1 day festival that celebrates our Earth, our Community and Ourselves!

Created by the collaboration of Shift and Sacred Ibis in support of the initiative Gracie - Love in a Bowl, Seeds of Light Fest promises to be a day filled with FUN, love, celebration and growth!

Our intentions are simple, to give back to our Earth and our community in the most EPIC way!

Here is what you can expect throughout the fun filled day:

10:30 - 11: Welcomes,
11 - 1: Introduction to Yoga and Meditation
1 - 2: Lunch break - (Food available on Sale)
2.30 - 5.30 Sacred Planting & SpiritCulture Planting Ceremony
6.30 - 7.30: Sunset QiGong and closing Meditation
7.30 - 8: Dinner (included in Ticket price)
8 - 11: Celebration (Drumming, Dancing, Fire Circle gathering and more)

Here is our more in depth schedule :)


The day will start with a light Introduction to Yoga and Meditation where you will get to learn the basics of Yoga and Meditation, what it is , how to do it and most importantly how to integrate it into your everyday life. This will be followed by a short lunch break where there will delicious healthy food on sale!


Sacred Ibis runs an outreach program called Love-in-a-Bowl that distributes veggies and soups from their own garden. The main inspiration behind this event was to create a way to get a large number of people together to support and contribute to this incredible cause.

We will spend the afternoon in ceremony and celebration of our beautiful mother earth and the food she provides us. We will learn about SpiritCulture (the Four elements, our Earth's life Force & how they effect us all on our personal & communal Journeys) and have the amazing experience of planting over 500 seedlings to donate to Gracie - Love in a bowl which will in turn feed hundreds of people.

("GRACIE is a simple act of kindness in our very harsh and broken world. We grow our own organic veggies and transform them into delicious, love-filled bowls of soup for those who are homeless, living on the margins, the very elderly and the infants who are hungry in Hout Bay." (Community outreach project run by Sacred Ibis)


The day will then be closed with a Sunset QiGong and Meditation session in the most beautiful location on the Sacred Ibis farm!


We will all have dinner together with fresh homemade soup made from the vegetables in the garden .(Please bring your own Bowl, cup & spoon)


The event will then continue in its festivities and close in a celebration of drumming, fire circles and dance. ([Please bring your own instruments if you have some and join the FUN!)
(More details to follow so stay tuned!)

We invite you to join us in the celebration and co-creation to plant and awaken the Seeds of LIGHT within ourselves, our earth and our community in the spirit of Love and Life!

Proceeds from each ticket go towards Gracie - Love in a Bowl

Please consider sharing this event with your friends and family and join us for one of the most EPIC 1 day festivals of the year!

Much love and LIGHT beautiful people.

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