Past Ceremonies and Events

Seeds of Light Fest


Seeds of Light Fest is a one of a kind 1 day festival that celebrates our Earth, our Community and Ourselves!

Created by the collaboration of Shift and Sacred Ibis in support of the initiative Gracie - Love in a Bowl, Seeds of Light Fest promises to be a day filled with FUN, love, celebration and growth!


Sacred World Music, Story, Song & Sound Medicine Concert

with Kailash Kokopelli & Carrie Tree.
This experience is a unique group sound healing / sound medicine concert to activate individual self-healing processes initiated through healing sound vibration by Kailash Kokopelli & Friends (experienced experts & masters of Sound Medicine).

Elemental Conscious Dance Party 2

Across time and culture, dance has long been revered for its power to heal, an opportunity to commune with Spirit and strengthen community bonds.
We invite you to move with the rhythm of your body ,mind and soul and come dance with the Elements of Fire ,Water Earth and Air at the 2nd Elemental Conscious Dance Party.

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