Moon Lodge & Warrior Teachings

with Gerri Stevenson and Robin Youngblood.
31st March 30m - 2nd April 6pm

This is invitation to all Sisters and Brothers to celebrate the ancient ceremonies of communicating with the ancestors, sharing our gifts and passing the women’s wisdom and men's wisdom on to our daughters and sons.

Grandmother Robin Youngblood will be holding the Moon Lodge Teachings for the women while Grandfather Bert Gunn will be holding the Warrior Teachings for the men.

You will be staying at Sacred Ibis for Friday and Saturday night..

Cost: R1,400 for Teachings - includes food and camping
Children unber 13 - R400, Per Couple - R2,400

Contact Gerri Stevenson at or 0824968713

"In olden times, tribal women experienced their moon time together in the Moon Lodge. When women live together in a village, they tend to bleed at the same time. Women's menstruation is sacred, a time of rest, learning, sharing, vision, dreaming, receiving, deciding. When the women were in the Moon Lodge, the men of the village took care of the children, the home, and the meals for the women. Join us as we learn the Women's Womb Teachings and share our Dreamtime together.

While the women are in the Moon Lodge, the men will gather together with Grandfather Bert Gunn, to learn Men's Warrior Teachings, the way of Service and Protection for the women, children and elders. These teachings bring balance in relationships, deepening brotherhood and opening the way to true intimacy." Robin Youngblood.

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